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Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hewan Peliharaan

Kami baru saja menemukan ada yang mencari percakapan hewan peliharaan bahasa Inggris. Oleh karena itu kami membuat contoh percakapan yang simple tanpa menyertakan artinya.

Dian : Dodi, is that you?

Dodi : Hi, Dian. Yes it’s me. How are you?

Dian : Great! How about you?

Dodi : I’m fine, thank you. Hey, is that your cat?

Dian : Yeah. His name is Bandito.

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Dodi : Wow! It’s such a badass name! Let me introduce my dog.

Dian : Damn! I didn’t realize his existence. I’m sorry, my bad.

Dodi : It’s okay. Actually the dog is a she and she’s quite shy, especially if she meets new people.

Dian : Awww … she’s so cute and fluffy. What breed is it?

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Dodi : It’s a Maltese. What about your cat? He looks so big.

Dian : Hahaha … he’s a Ragdoll, one of the biggest cat breeds.

Dodi : Oh I see, no wonder he looks intimidating, too. He’s huge and muscular.

Dian : I get that a lot. But trust me, he’s docile, calm, dan affectionate.

Dodi : Does he eat a lot?

Dian : Yes, definitely … he eats more than the common cats. That’s why, I need to go to the pet shop now. I have to buy his food and treat. Would you like to come?

Dodi : Is it far from here? Are there any dogs?

Dian : No, it’s not that far. We could walk to that place. They have lots of dogs and other animals too.

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Dodi : Cool! I really want to have another pet.

Dian : Really? What is that?

Dodi : I’m not quite sure. Maybe gecko, bird, snake, hamster, rabbit, or lizard.

Dian : I start to think that you just want to build a zoo.

Dodi : Hahaha. If I could, then I would. Do you want the same thing too?

Dian : Nope, I prefer a fluffy and soft animal. I don’t think I could stand a snake.

Dodi : I see, just like my dog. She’s my best friend slash sister.

Dian : She’s so adorable.

Dodi : By the way, your cat looks sleepy. Does he always take a nap?

Dian : Yes. He loves it, but he has to fins a cozy spot to lie down. I think we should go home after buying his needs. Do you want to stay there for a bit?

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Dodi : I think so, I want to look more.

Dian : Okay then.