Deskripsi Hewan Peliharaan Memakai 100 Kata Dalam Bahasa Inggris - -

Deskripsi Hewan Peliharaan Memakai 100 Kata Dalam Bahasa Inggris

What do your pets mean to you?

Pet is an animal that’s kept for certain purposes, especially for a person’s company, entertainment, protection, or just an act of compassion. Therefore you could protect or save some abandoned cats and dogs. You don’t keep them to be a laboratory animal, livestock, or a working animal.

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets. People like them because of their attractive appearances, cute behaviour, relatable personalities, intelligence, or people just help them to stay in an appropriate home and give them their basic needs. Other animals that could be your pets are sugar gliders, pigs, chinchilla, hamster, parrots, canary, dove, fish, hermit crab, tarantula, lizard, turtle, etc.

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we know the term of ‘domesticated animals’. It means the animal have been tamed. They could fit our environment, so they aren’t scared of human. They consist of mamals, birds, fish, and arthropods.

Mamals include camels, cats, dogs, goats, horses, rabbits, sheep, rodents (hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, etc), and so on. Two of the popular mamals, beside cats and dogs, are rabbit and hamster.

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Kelinci dan hamster – via :


A rabbit or a bunny used to be hunted for its fur and meat. Nowadays, rabbits could be people’s companion. They also could be trained to use litter box and they will come if you call them. But they need a lot of exercise, therefore they’re really active and could damage your room.

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In general, rabbits are divided into two types. First, wild rabbits. Second, pet rabbits.

In Indonesia there are many local rabbits, namely types of Javanese rabbits (Lepus nigricollis) and Sumatran rabbits (Nesolagus netseherischlgel). Javanese rabbits are estimated to still be in the forests around West Java. Black brown bronze fur color.


Meanwhile, a hamster is one of the favorite small house pets. They’re so light and adorable with their silky and thick fur. They are omnivores, so their diet could be fruits, vegetables, insects, nuts, seeds, etc.

Hamsters are usually reserved and they are nocturnal animals although they can also be said to be crepuscular and they are sometimes active early in the morning or late afternoon.

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Hamsters are rodent-type animals, there are various types in the world and almost in every country.

Small body shape that makes hamsters easy to carry everywhere, and does not need a cage that is too big to treat it. Hamster is included in the cricetinae sub family.